Teacher wellbeing is a positive emotional state that combines the personal needs and expectations of both learners and their teachers. Teacher wellbeing and job satisfaction strongly influence teacher behaviour and are positively related to school and classroom climate and pupil achievement.


Teacher wellbeing has a significant impact on schools, teachers and students. Many of the negative effects of low wellbeing are well publicised, with stress or burnout being linked to attrition and the resulting teacher shortages worldwide. This has led to calls for teacher wellbeing to be taken seriously for the long-term sustainability of the profession.

When schools prioritise teacher wellbeing and help to ensure that teachers can flourish, this promotes better classroom climates and enables high quality teaching that leads to success for students, and consequently the school.


Looking after your teachers’ wellbeing is one of the most important things you can do as a school community. The success of your school is dependent on the quality of instruction delivered by your teachers to your students; their wellbeing is crucial to ensuring that their teaching skills are effective and of a high quality.

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